General Information about Mitsubishi Electric

The name, ‘Mitsubishi,’ doesn’t usually engender images of HVAC products. Cars and Mitsubishi’s iconic 3-diamond logo often comes to mind. Mitsubishi was originally founded as a shipping company in 1870. Diversification came quickly and out of need. Needing coal to power their cargo ships, Mitsubishi purchased coal-mining interests. In need of more ships, the company purchased a shipyard and an iron mill. This foray into manufacturing eventually led to the company we know today.

Mitsubishi Electric

In the boom following World War II, Mitsubishi rose to prominence. The company now stands as the largest traded company in Japan. Although best known for its automotive wing, Mitsubishi’s family of companies includes such diverse entities as Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd., Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

The Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, going back to our initial image of the company, is an industry leader in HVAC engineering. Mitsubishi HVAC actually goes back to the company’s infancy, founded in January of 1921. In addition to air conditioning and heating products, Mitsubishi Electric also manufactures solar power systems, proton beam radiotherapy devices (for treatment of various cancers), and televisions, among others.

This diversification ensures top-flight manufacturing prowess in Mitsubishi HVAC products. For example, the company’s mini splits heating and air conditioning systems are designed for maximum performance in even the tightest spaces. Through advanced engineering, the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim split-ductless A/C and heat pumps ensure even hard to heat rooms remain at a constant temperature. Where other HVAC systems struggle, the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim gets the job done.